Kliyat Gat

Specialty: Nuts
Country: Israel
Studies show that eating nuts Contributes greatly to the health. 
Kliyat Gat offers you rich in fiber and vitamins nuts.
In addition, our nuts undergo a unique roasting, which gives it the same great taste for over 50 years.
Market size packaged nuts  300 million Nis a year, while Kliyat Gat is a market leader with 22% MS! 
Omnibus research data for Kliyat Gat awareness among consumers in second place with 68%!
It has been also revealed that 81% of households in Israel include nuts in their shopping cart; 71% tend to eat nuts at any frequency.
Our Best sellers: sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, pistachios and walnuts.
Recently, the brand has developed a new line that includes Date Honey, date paste, natural date honey, unsalted sunflower seeds and chestnuts. We went out with a brand new series "big deal" roasted cashews, toasted almond and pistachio packages of 100 g. In addition, the brand have been added to the granola category with the launch of a variety of flavors: banana chocolate granola, granola, nuts and tropical fruit granola


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