Leiman Schlussel Ltd. is a private family-owned company which manufactures, imports, and distributes top products, such as chocolates, chewing gums, candies and sweets, wafers, pastries, and various other food products.
The Company is the exclusive importer and distributor for international manufacturers with a distinctive marketing philosophy, such as  Loacker, Storck, Perfetti Van Melle, ConAgra, and others.   

The company has a long history, starting in 1919 in Berlin, when Mr. Hirsh Leiman, the family patriarch, founded a wholesale candy and chocolate business.  When the family immigrated to Israel in 1935, the business was moved to Israel and adapted to the conditions there. In 1954, Mr. Baruch Leiman RIP, Hirsh’s son, and his brother-in-law, Mr. Avraham Schlussel of blessed memory, established a sweets import partnership in 1964. Today,  Leiman Schlussel Group is managed by two generations of the two founding families, old and young, who work together to improve and expand the business. 
Leiman Schlussel operates in the private and institutional market.  The company delivers directly to major point sales all over Israel through extensions of a one-on-one selling system and wholesalers. Most of the Company’s products are located in hot points of the stores and enjoy maximum exposure.  Leiman Schlussel’s distribution system is tailored to the various levels of trade in Israel, including for markets handled by its PCMS subsidiary in cooperation with Palestinian partners distributing the full range of the company’s products to the Palestinian market, and Shir Ltd. which distributes to secondary markets.   

Leiman Schlussel has a work force of 530 employees, more than two thirds of whom are in the field every day:  salespeople, booth operators, marketing personnel teams for each brand, leaders, logistics personnel, and administrative staff.   

At the beginning of the 21st century, the company relocated to Yavne in central Israel to a new 20,000-sq.m. logistics facility, with a fleet of 130 air-conditioned vehicles traveling to and from the facility.  The center is equipped with a warehouse managing system (WMS) which supports and enhances Company sales by ensuring that inventory is kept at the proper level and the products are always fresh (by implementing the first expires first out system – FEFO). 
This logistics center supplies the company’s needs and facilitates the company’s principal goal:  

To provide quick high-quality service to consumers, customers and suppliers.

In January 2001, in addition to tobacco and franchise products (Pokemon and others), the company decided to focus on expanding its sales, and has increased its staff into two specialized dedicated sales departments.  In 2001, Leiman Schlussel forged a partnership with Prigat – Gat Food & Snacks – for the production, marketing, and export of a variety of nuts and seeds under the Kliyat Gat brand name. Leiman Schlussel is currently the sole owner of Gat Food & Snacks, which has been manufacturing high-grade nuts and seeds in retail packaging for 50 years.

Giving Back to the Community: Leiman Schlussel has been involved in community welfare activity in Holon in cooperation with Hameshakem, an association devoted to arranging employment for the aged and disabled. The association helps package the products and prepare them for delivery.

Over the years, the Company has continued to grown and expand, and is now one of Israel’s 10 largest food companies.

Leiman Schlussel complies with ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.