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About Us

We are Leiman Schlussel!

We have the sweetest job in the world.


We are a private family-owned company that manufactures, imports, and distributes top tier products, such as chocolates, chewing gums, candies, waffles, sweets, pastries, and various other food products.

The Company is the official and exclusive importer and distributor for beloved international manufacturers such as Loacker, Ritter Sport, Hershey’s, Mentos, and Werther’s Original, among others.

We also proudly manufacture local brand products like ‘Kliyat Gat’ and ‘Teamy Hagalil’.

Since 1964, under the leadership of the two founding families, Leiman and Schlussel, we have been importing a wide variety of products into Israel. The dedication of both families drives continuous efforts to enhance and broaden our product range.

The widespread presence of our products is no illusion – they truly are everywhere!

Our products are available in every corner of the private and organizational sectors in Israel, reaching all sales points across the country, from large retailers to small outlets. Furthermore, we collaborate with our business partners to ensure comprehensive distribution of Leiman Schlussel products in Arab markets and across sectors.

All of this would not have been possible without our employees. Hundreds of dedicated professionals, with over two-thirds of our personnel working in field positions such as sales, service, marketing, transportation, logistics, and administration.

We prioritize what matters to you and us: efficient and prompt service to consumers, that foster productive relationships with suppliers, while creating an inclusive and enriching work environment for employees, preserving environmental quality, and collaborating with associations that employ communities with disabilities.

We have much to share and take pride in, but as one of the top ten food companies in Israel, we’ve learned to always leave you with a sweet craving for more.

See you on the shelves!



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