Accessibility Statement

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Accessibility Statement


Leiman Schlussel Ltd., Company No. 510571508 (“The Company”) places great importance on making the content of its website accessible equally to all segments of the population, including for people with disabilities. This is in order to provide a service experience that meets the unique needs of its customers, as well as to make the website as user-friendly and convenient as possible.

Website Accessibility

The website uses an accessibility add-on and adheres to code writing rules in accordance with the Israeli Standard 5568 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) at AA accessibility level, and in accordance with the adaptations detailed below.

This website was last reviewed on 1.4.2024

Adaptations Made on the Website

For accessibility purposes, the website has a prominent accessibility add-on marked by a disability component. Clicking on the add-on opens options to make the website accessible.

The adaptations supported by the website are:

  • Simple navigation through the website pages using the keyboard alone
  • Clear display of website components
  • Ability to change font size in two levels A, AA on all website pages
  • Adaptation to different browsers
  • Adaptation for working at different resolutions – responsive
  • For visually impaired – canceling colors and turning colors into black and white
  • For visually impaired – sharpness and dimness visibility
  • For visually impaired – sharpness and brightness visibility
  • Stop blinking – blinking buttons, popping images or any movement on the site.
  • Readable font – replaces the font with a uniform font throughout the site
  • Highlight links – highlights links on the site with a markup line
  • Accessibility statement
  • Stop accessibility

Keyboard Navigation

To go to the home page, press ALT + H
To open or close the accessibility menu, press ALT + A

The site has been tested with the NVidia screen reader


Despite the Company’s efforts to enable accessible browsing on all website pages, there may be pages on the site that have not yet been adapted for accessibility, or for which an appropriate technological solution has not yet been found. We continue our ongoing efforts to improve the accessibility of the site as much as possible, driven by a belief and moral commitment to enable convenient and equitable use of the site for the entire population, including people with disabilities.

Inquiries Regarding Accessibility

If a page is found that has not yet been adapted for accessibility or requires special accessibility adaptation, you can contact the accessibility coordinator by sending an email to the following address: Attn: Hadar Shalom Phone: +972 8-9324436



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